What to Expect

What happens in Therapy?
You can expect to find a safe, trusting environment with an experienced counselor. Please arrive early for your first session to fill out the necessary forms. During your first session the therapist will help you to clarify your goals in therapy and understand your family history. Together, we will also evaluate available personal and interpersonal resources to aid in addressing your concerns and needs. Periodically, goals and progress in achieving those goals will be reviewed and evaluated.

We respect your right to confidentiality and will guard that right as we are permitted by law and our ethical standards. We will not divulge information you disclose, except in the following situations: (a) you threaten to harm yourself or others, (b) you ask us to disclose information to a third party, (c) there is reasonable suspicion of neglect or abuse against a minor child, an elderly person (65 or older), or a dependent adult, or (d) we are ordered to disclose information by a judge or court order.

Fees and Insurance
Each therapy session last 50 minutes. Normally sessions occur weekly and cost $110 per session. We are not, at this time, part of any insurance panels and do not accept insurance nor are we a Medicare Provider. However, we can supply a receipt for each session and you can submit your therapy sessions to your own insurance company.

Reduced Fee
Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis. If your financial circumstances currently make it difficult or impossible to afford the rates above, you may request information about qualifying for a reduced rate based upon combined family income.

Advantages of Self-Pay: There are several advantages to not paying via insurance:

  • Confidentiality: Your sessions do not need to be reported to your insurance company.
  • No Diagnosis: I am not required to diagnose any member of your family with a DSM-IV-TR disorder which may then be included on your medical record and may affect your future insurance rates.
  • Control: You, not your insurance company, have control over what issues are addressed in therapy.
  • Sliding Fee Scale: Our sliding fee scale is not dictated by the insurance industry, allowing it to be more flexible and to make therapy accessible to those without insurance.

Major Credit Cards are accepted for payment.